What is there to drink?!


So you have booked your venue, caterer, photographer and everything wedding…now you have to find out who your bartender is and what you want to serve. Do you use the caterers bar tending service? Do you ask a friend?

When I go to a wedding, after the ceremony I find people are searching for the bar…where are the drinks…what is there to drink??? It really is one of the most important selections you can make for your wedding reception. By all means, I am not a wedding expert (yet!) but, I have been to tons of weddings, and hosted 4 at the Plantation so far! In the 3 out of 4 the Plantation has hosted (and several more in the future) brides have chosen the same bartender, Bartenders4You. Not only is Bartenders4You one of the most popular bar services in San Antonio, they are at the top of my list too! For one, Jennifer (the owner) is the most genuine person you will ever meet! Her willingness to tailor each drink menu for each wedding is really what sets them apart from the rest. Did I mention they have the BEST margaritas in town…seriously…when you order her margaritas you get all these extra flavors to add to your drink, the bartender will make it how you like it. For the record, the Pumpkin flavor is amazing! Future Kendall brides are so happy when they tell me what their signature drinks are, and what they are serving at their wedding. And they are always surprised when they find out a full bar is cheaper to do than beer and wine…can you believe that?! Who knew you could have a full bar cheaper than beer and wine?! Not only will Jennifer customize your drink menu, the girl will go shopping for you and take all the stress out of it!! So, when you are out there trying to find a bartender, search no more and go directly to Bartenders4You! They always deliver more than what you ask for with a professional and caring attitude. Cheers! -Kendall Plantation