Vendors we love…love you too.

2 Reasons:

1. KP knows what you are getting when you hire any of our recommended vendors. 

2. KP does not know what you are getting when you hire your own.

Let me expand on these two reasons why you should not hire a caterer outside our recommend list!! We are happy to let you choose your own caterer…after all…it is your wedding, but, let me tell you how important it is to have a caterer that knows what they are doing and genuinely cares about the turnout of your event. I included just a couple of photos that are frightening and clearly prove the lack of professionalism and care towards a wedding. I know how much you are paying us, your dj, planner, flowers, cake people, dress, invitations, decorations…OMG the list goes on and on…so why would you put all this effort into planning the perfect wedding that represents you and let it go with a caterer who shows up late, has dirty dishes, doesn’t cover the tables, doesn’t have enough staff, food was cold, etc.
Did I lay that on thick enough? Kendall Plantation goes to all lengths to make sure all your vendors know what to expect and do on your wedding day. It seems that everything falls back on the caterer, and when it is their turn to preform, it is already too late to change them. So, in effort to help you, we are offering an amazing deal. If you choose at least 6 vendors from our vendors we love list (one of them being the catering) we will give you a free sparkler send off and $50 off your contract for each vendor you book from our list. How doest that sound? Too good to pass up!!!
Merry Christmas,
Kendall Plantation