Steel Day 1 & 2

Good Morning!

We are at Day 3 of steel erection and it is looking great! They are moving fast getting all the beams and joists in place! The Plantation is really starting to take shape now. The pictures are from Day 1 and Day 2. Day 1: Started out sunny and hot ended with wet and muggy. These guys worked right through the rain and toughed it out. They put in place all the columns, these will be wrapped up in white to look like a Plantation!
Day 2: They added joists to secure these columns in place. Some represent the second floor and are starting to frame out each room. At first when we had a grey slab with nothing on it, I thought it looked small, but now with all this steel and structure it is really taking shape and I realized just how big 9000 square feet (with out second floor) really is!!!! More pictures to come in the morning! Have a fabulous Thursday!