High and Dry –Record breaking floods

In 30 years living in Boerne, I have never seen the amount of rain we had on Saturday afternoon/evening. It started out slow, and then out of no where, torrential down pours. The ceremony was scheduled for 5:30 so we didn’t make “plan B” official until about 4:00pm. And at that point, we knew there was no end in site to the rain. All the guests arrived, ceremony concluded, bar was open, appetizers were being passed, and photos were taken.  Around 8:30pm, we were notified  that 2 out of the 3 ways to get to Kendall Plantation were shut down due to flooding. Boerne was completely under water, Ralph Fair Road was  flooded at the bridge, and highway 46 to 281 was the next closure. At that point we made the bride and groom aware of the situation, and proceeded to tell them if we do not move everything up, all 200 guests and staff would be spending the night at Kendall Plantation. Never in 4 years (of weddings at KP) have I seen this dramatic of a rain event. However, thinking back, each Memorial Day Weekend we have hosted at KP, has been very soggy and very rainy! Last year we had 4 weddings that weekend, each wedding was held outside due to perfect stopping times of the rain, but never any major flooding. My heartbroken bride and groom pushed everything up, and the majority of guests stood with her during all the formalities. Due to the respect and diligence of each vendor involved– it all happened and was successful.  Thanks to Sweet August Events for sticking it out, knowing they had hours of a drive home ahead of them. Limelight Photography and video stayed until the very end to capture each moment they could. Bartenders4U kept the bar  flowing until the last guests left and DJ Ray helped them keep the mood with lighting and music. We are so thankful to have even had a wedding. Several other venues in Boerne were not able to have an event, and cancelled weddings with only moments notice due to major low water crossings in their area. Our bride and groom made it official and still had time to relax and take it all in. If “unfloodable” was a real word, I would make it my motto. Lesson learned, it takes about 18 inches of rain in a two week period to shut down major roads leading to Kendall Plantation. Other than that, the view from the top is pretty nice. Cheers!


Kendall Plantation