Friday or Sunday Wedding?

Often we have brides who are so bummed their Saturday is booked. But Fridays are just as popular! I see more and more Thursday weddings as well. With months or years notice to your guests, they will have no problem skipping out on work a few hours early for a Friday wedding. Huge cost saver and more weekend left over! Sundays as well are a hot item. Most everyone is off work, and the party can go on for as long or as short as you prefer!

Here is a Q&A from The Knot.
The wedding venue we have our heart set on is already booked on Saturday nights for the next two years, so if we want to get married before then (and we do!) we’re faced with either doing it on a Friday night or on a Sunday night. Which option would be preferable to the majority of wedding guests?

First of all, try not to stress too much about what other people prefer. Of course you want your guests to be happy, but you need to rest assured that since you’re inviting them to witness the most monumental event of your life (and be your guest at a killer party) they’ll be honored to be included no matter what day of the week you choose. So if you have strong feelings on the Friday vs. Sunday debate, go with your gut. If, however, you’re pretty neutral on the subject, consider whether or not the majority of your guests will be traveling from out of town. If that’s the case (or if you’re having a destination wedding which requires everybody to travel) then choosing the Sunday will probably be the most convenient for most guests. That way they can spend Friday night or Saturday traveling and still have plenty of time to unwind in your chosen location before the wedding. But if the majority of your guests live close to where the wedding will be held, then a Friday night might be a better call, since they’d likely rather skip out of work a little early on a Friday afternoon to get ready than have to worry about being tired for work on Monday after a late-night Sunday wedding.