Framing Day 1 & 2

Good Morning!

The Plantation is taking shape and it looks amazing! They have completed the bottom floor framing. They have the windows and doors cut out too! There are no stairs leading to the 2nd floor yet, so I have not been able to walk around up there (to high for me!) But the contractor took me up in the lift to get a couple of pictures before I decided I was too scared to be that high up!!!! Either way the view upstairs is amazing and when they get the stairs in and I am on solid ground I will tour the area and take a lot more pictures 🙂 The pictures are from the first day and second day of framing. They started framing the columns yesterday and will move upstairs tomorrow. Now that the walls are up in the ballroom, I really get a feel for the size and shape. The porches are huge and a perfect romantic set up for outside tables. If I was a wedding guest at the Plantation, I would want to be upstairs or on the porches, it is really relaxing! Enjoy the pictures, I will take more as things change!