Average Wedding Cost (National) via The Knot

The National Average Cost of a Wedding Is $33,391

We surveyed nearly 13,000 couples married in 2017 for The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study and learned that unique venues and guest experience are taking priority. Here’s how today’s couples are spending their wedding budgets (hint: it’s all in the details!).
by Maggie Seaver The Knot

Ready to talk wedding budgets? The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study has finally arrived to reveal how much it really costs to say “I do” (and why). We polled nearly 13,000 US couples married in 2017 and learned the national average cost of a wedding is now $33,391, excluding the honeymoon.

This is actually the first time we’ve seen a dip in the average cost per wedding compared to the previous year, but that doesn’t mean recent weddings are any less amazing than those of years past—it just means couples are prioritizing different details, namely personalization, guest experience and cultural elements.

In fact, couples are so excited to show their guests a good time that, while both the average spend and guest headcount have decreased, the average cost per guest has reached an all-time high at $268 (up from $194 in 2009). Custom guest entertainment has more than tripled, with up to 40 percent of newlyweds saying they splurged on fun reception amenities (think: sparklers, selfie stations, lawn games, candy bars and musical performances).

So what’s the why behind the lower overall spend? We’re seeing fewer formal and black-tie weddings—which are naturally pricier—as couples choose to tie the knot in nontraditional locations that let their unique story shine, require fewer embellishments and call for a smaller budget. Whether it’s a low-key barn venue or a historic library with tons of character, couples seem to favor sites that reflect their personalities. One couple followed their search for a quirky, industrial venue all the way to a boxing gym—and it looked seriously awesome.

Finally, while today’s couples have no problem tossing some time-honored wedding traditions (like the garter and bouquet toss), it’s still important to them to infuse their heritage, culture and/or religion into their day. Twenty-one percent of couples incorporated a traditional cultural element, including a Chinese tea ceremony, Irish bagpipers, Moroccan belly dancers and traditional Hindu ceremonies.

Now more than ever, couples are finding creative ways to please their guests while doing something meaningful for themselves, which makes for some incredibly beautiful celebrations. Here’s how much, on average, a wedding costs in each state across the US, plus a full a breakdown of how couples are allotting their budgets:


Vendor Introductions- Blume Haus

A few months ago, my favorite, Mark Thomas, decided a few vendors should get together and interview each other about each other. Brilliant idea. This is the first video of several he has done vendor to vendor. This first session is Amanda- the owner of Blume Haus and Kristin Voss with Kendall Plantation. If you ever wondered about how a vendor got started, their inspirations, and back stories, this is the first video ready for viewing! There will be more of these videos with other vendors we can’t wait for you to see! Thank you to Mark Thomas….always the best. Enjoy a little bit about Blume Haus talking about Blume Haus and other wedding professionals! Cheers!

Watch the video below!


Do you want to build a Time-Line?

Do you want to build a Time-line?…

Wedding timelines can be confusing when you’ve never done one—even if you’ve attended a lot of weddings, you probably haven’t paid much attention to how long each individual aspect lasted, unless it was the most boring wedding drug out for what seemed like days. Any wedding over 6 hours is dreadful for guests. “But really, I know we’re going to want to party until 1am!” you say. Dude—me too. But we’re in the minority. But as someone who’s hosted over 500 hundred weddings I will tell you—I can count the number of weddings where there has been a critical mass of guests still wanting to go after 10:30pm on one hand. Six hours is about the most weddings guests have in them. That said, should you make everyone go home at 10pm? Heck no. Move people to an after party! Pick a nearby bar ahead of time (or the hotel you are staying at), spread the word, and whoever wants to go can go. Do you have to host (as in, pay for) the after-party drinks? Negative. You totally can, and it would be super nice, but after paying for everyone’s drinks for six hours, you’re off the hook (and if you walk into a bar with a wedding dress on, I promise no one will make you pay for your drinks!).

{So, here we go} If you are booked at Kendall Plantation, take out that handy dandy 7-page contract you signed and thumb back to the last page—Conveniently, we have noted the suggested ceremony start time (you had to initial that spot remember?). We don’t just make up a number here- it is based on the sunset location, time of year, and how hot or cold it typically is that time of the year. We know what works best at KP, and we know what is most appropriate for the comfort of you, your guests, and the perfect glow of the sun for photos.


{The early ceremony} (January-March, & Late October-December)

  • 10:00am—Bride and bridesmaids arrive at KP for dolling up
  • Wedding Planner arrives and makes sure everything is perfect for you
  • 4:00pm—Ceremony starts
  • 4:25pm—Ceremony concludes
  • 4:25pm—Cocktail hour on porch begins for guests/family photos
  • 5:25pm—Guests invited inside to take seats, Bride & Groom line up for introductions
  • 5:30pm—Introduction of Bride & Groom; blessing
  • ***Option: First Dance, welcome speech (by dad, or Bride and groom) or just go sit down for dinner
  • 5:45pm—Plated dinner is served (45 minutes) OR Buffet 20 min per 150 people.
  • 6:30pm—Champagne poured for bridal party; stage for toasts
  • 6:45pm—Toasts offered (MOH, BM, FOB or FOG, Bride and Groom)
  • 7:00pm—Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance
  • 7:40pm—Cake cutting/guests keep dancing, or stop everything and watch
  • 9:55pm—Last Dance
  • 10:00pm—Big send off with sparklers!


{The late ceremony }(April-September, warmer months).

  • 10:00am—Bride and bridesmaids arrive at KP for dolling up
  • Wedding Planner arrives and makes sure everything is perfect for you
  • 6:30pm—Ceremony starts
  • 6:55pm—Ceremony concludes
  • 6:55pm—Cocktail hour on porch begins for guests/family photos
  • 7:55pm—Guests invited inside to take seats, Bride & Groom line up for introductions
  • 8:05pm—Introduction of Bride & Groom; blessing
  • ***Option: First Dance, welcome speech (by dad, or Bride and groom) or just go sit down for dinner
  • 8:15pm—Plated dinner is served (45 minutes) OR Buffet 20 min per 150 people.
  • 9:00pm—Champagne poured for bridal party; stage for toasts
  • 9:05pm—Cut the cake
  • 9:15pm—Toasts offered (MOH, BM, FOB or FOG, Bride and Groom)
  • 9:30pm—Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance
  • 11:45pm—Last dance
  • 12:00am—Big send off with sparklers!


{And there you have it} 6-hour wedding with all wedding activities concluded and all with 3 hours of solid open dance floor time, wedding celebrations, AND a 5 hour bar (whoa). Now, this may seem long to some, but really, 6 hours is a sweet spot. Nothing is crammed and slammed together, it is a relaxed pace, but still keeping the guests entertained.  You will save hundreds if not thousands of precious dollars on overtime wages from the DJ, Bar, Photographer, Video guy/gal, and security. Most vendor packages start at 5 hours, with tons of logic behind it! A photographer/video crew can only take so many dancing photos…And with longer than 5 hours of bar, you risk drunken stupors, fights, accidents on site or off site, and not to mention a TON of wasted money on alcohol. Remember a couple of paragraphs ago….., if you want to get to that point, have an after party at a bar. Save yourself THOUSANDS of dollars of overtime payments to vendors by having a 5-6 hour event, and having an after party for the hard core group of folks who like to party! Always leave guests wanting more, not wanting to find a secret exit.

Your wedding planner will guide you through this process a lot prettier than I. A timeline is very fluid and built upon your vision. Nothing is set in stone other than the ceremony start time—but be sure to consider the timing of each event, and the length of each event. Some weddings won’t have a toast, or garter toss/bouquet toss—saving a ton of time. Some won’t want cutting the cake to be such a huge ordeal, just cut it, pass it around and keep the party going. Once you sit down and play out your wedding in your head, jot down your ideas, wants and needs. A time-line is totally custom to you and built for you. Add in things like late night snack, fireworks, dollar dance, all sorts of activities that will change things up a bit keeping guests entertained.

It doesn’t matter if you change a bit—say 5pm start time, or 6pm start time, just consider the 6 hour rule of thumb for event time.

So, do you want to build a time-line?


Kristin Voss

The Sky Is Falling–Wedding Insurance

{The Sky is Falling}

♥Wedding Insurance ♥

Okay not really, but for any bride, when things go wrong on wedding day or leading up to wedding day, it may feel like the sky is actually falling.

No matter how diligent you are, or reputable your vendors promise to be, wedding mishaps happen. This could lead to financial loss for you. But wait! Wedding insurance? Whaaattt? Never heard of such a thing? Yes, it exists.

The thought of dealing with Insurance Companies is about as fun as eating a handful of bumble bees.  Below is a dumbed down explanation for those who cringe when they hear the word insurance.

{There are two main types of wedding insurance}

  1. Wedding Liability Insurance:

Wedding liability insurance protects you in the event of injuries or property damage; …the bad stuff no one wants to think about, but it happens. It protects against alcohol-related accidents, and venue damages caused by guests/party. Candle sets fire, vendor went out of business, guests get food poisoning, elderly guest gets knocked over and breaks both hips…a single liability policy will cover your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception. It is required by most venues these days, and it is very affordable. Bonus, it can be purchased up to the actual day of the wedding.

  1. Wedding Cancellation Insurance:

Cancellation insurance covers Military leave, severe weather keeping guests from attending wedding (hurricane, snow, ice, tornado…), sudden illness, vendor bankruptcy, damage to event location prior to wedding, loss or damage to bridal gown, and even professional counseling following a cancellation or postponement. Reimbursement is available for your financial losses or expenses if you are forced to postpone or cancel your wedding.

Obviously, there are exclusions and things insurance does not cover. Cold feet, or a change of heart are not covered by wedding insurance. ALL your vendors should have insurance, and it should be one of the first questions you ask them, but their insurance is not going to extend to the host of the event (you). A wedding insurance liability policy covers the host (you). There are financial consequences resulting from unexpected situations such as the reasons listed above, if something does go wrong, costs can add up quickly. With wedding insurance, your financial investment and dream wedding can be protected. Even if your homeowners insurance provides coverage for events, filing a claim could increase your rates or result in termination of your policy. Primary coverage pays out first! You can choose the level of coverage based on your total wedding budget, consider how much you will spend on your venue, wedding gown, flowers, photographers, and other items. This is the investment you would stand to lose if you were forced to cancel or reschedule your wedding. Policy’s start around $100.



Vendor Booking Timeline by WeddingWire!

Congratulations! You are engaged! Take it all in, enjoy all the congratulations from family, enjoy all the fun parties, and monogrammed gifts….ah, it is so nice! But wait…you are suddenly hit with all the questions…”when is the wedding?”, “where is the wedding?” “what kind of food are you having?”, “are you having a band or dj?” “how many bridesmaids will you have?”. Ha! And all of the sudden, the fun and exciting engagement high is now overwhelmed with these pesky questions that you don’t know the answers to, nor where to begin finding answers to these questions!

Well then, WeddingWire has a fancy little cheat sheet to help you out! The Vendor Booking Timeline provides a simple guide on where to start! Although there are a couple of things I would amend  for the Boerne/San Antonio area, the timeline is almost spot on. Wedding Wire suggest finding a venue and wedding planner first– about 12 months prior to when the wedding shall be. I would suggest otherwise if you are looking for a Saturday. Venues in this area book about 15 months in advance for a Saturday, especially in the coveted March-June and October-November. If you are flexible to a Friday or Sunday wedding (often thousands of dollars less than a Saturday) then booking a venue 12 months out aught to do it! Book your wedding venue along side the planner, those are the first two hot ticket items that will get the ball rolling for you! At 10 months out, Wedding Wire  suggest securing your photographer, videographer, florist and caterer! Sounds about right, I would also include the DJ or band inside the 10-12 month range. If you want a specific vendor, booking quickly will ensure you get what you want! Don’t forget, there are hundreds of other brides in this area doing the same thing you are!

At 8 months out, wedding wire suggest guest accommodations, an officiant, your wedding dress and a stationer ! Although I haven’t met a bride who didn’t seek out her dress numero uno. This is all up to you! Sometimes finding the dress first can dictate the venue location and entire theme of the wedding! And finding a dress early makes it all seem so real, you’ll want to save time for alterations, bridal portraits, and any last minute jewelry changes or additions. 7-3 months prior to the wedding you’ll have the odds and ends like finding your honeymoon location, make up artist, hair stylist, favors, the rings, and any rentals you may have in mind. I love the idea of being DONE with wedding planning 2-3 months before the wedding. Save this time for you! Plan to be done and ready to go so you can save the last couple of months for wedding showers, Bachelor and Bachelorette party, packing for your new place together, and relaxation!

WeddingWire has some great tools to help brides like you get this wedding thing figured out! They have a hashtag generator, color generator, and some fun questions/quiz to help you get creative! None of this replaces a real life wedding planner, but in your spare time it might be fun!  The vendor booking timeline is a national suggestion and not tailored to each state/destination. It might be different in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles wedding venues! Here in Texas…we do things our own way!Congratulations on planning your wedding, we would love to be a part of your day! Enjoy the process, and have fun!


Kendall Plantation



Drop it like it’s HAUTE. *GUEST BLOG*


As you already know…or if you do not know…Kendall Plantation is a BIG , HUGE, GIANT, XL… supporter of hiring a wedding {professional}  planner. A wedding is a big day for you and your families. Why not place it in the hands of professionals who can help guide you through the planning process, streamlining tasks, keeping you on budget and recommending professional vendors without the added stress?!? Haute weddings is the first guest blogger, … and funny enough, Lisa coordinated the FIRST ever wedding at Kendall Plantation 6 years ago. She’s been a shining star ever since, and we are not letting her go.

What is one piece of advise you’d give to brides planning a wedding at Kendall Plantation?
Of course, my first piece of advice is to hire a planner! lol. Weddings at the Kendall Plantation are absolutely gorgeous. It is truly one of my favorite venues to work at. It is a large property and so this means you may have a large guest list. Hiring a planner can ensure there aren’t any gaps in the flow of the event. Planners will be able to guide guests as to where they need to be so they can relax and enjoy all you’ve put together. For example, Haute Wedding coordinators would act as your hostesses greeting guests as they arrive on property, asking them to sign in, taking their gift and guiding them down to the ceremony area. After the ceremony, the coordinators would then direct the wedding party to take formal portraits, while also directing guests to cocktail area, then letting them know when it’s time to take their seats, etc…We do not want your guests wondering…”Where do we go? What do we do? What’s next?” They can simply just enjoy your day.

My favorite part of Kendall Plantation is…?
Oh my, there’s honestly are so many things I love about Kendall Plantation. I would have to say my most favorite is the natural lighting. I know that may be odd, but I love bright and airy rooms with lots of windows and natural light. I love how the light changes the ambiance throughout the day and you truly have different aspects of the day within your wedding vs. a hotel ballroom in which we have to get really creative and design different ambiances.

What’s one thing you wish more brides knew?
That hiring true professionals is definitely worth every dollar. I understand weddings are big business and you need to stay within a budget, but cutting costs by finding the least expensive vendor is not the best value. Hiring a wedding planner for Full-Service is the best money you will ever spend on your wedding. We hear it over and over again from our couples whom we’ve helped. We are involved in the process from the very beginning recommending professional services, helping you stay within budget, dealing with all the logistics so you don’t have to. You will spend the same amount of money you originally budgeted, but you will get all the assistance needed throughout the entire process.

What is your favorite part of wedding planning?
Oooh, that’s another hard one to answer as there are so many aspects that I love. In regards to logistics, I work best under pressure and love having all my ducks in order and love seeing it all come to fruition for the couple. In regards to sentiments, my favorite part is the wedding ceremony. After 300 weddings, I still cry during every ceremony.

Here are a few of my favorite Haute Brides!


Wedding Films: The Story of Your Wedding

Wedding Films : {The story of your wedding}

So, it’s here. Your big day. The wedding. The real deal. Its go time. Game day. The anticipation is over, the nightmares will stop, no more planning, no more nail biting, IT IS TIME TO PARTY. You invested in all the right vendors, devoted countless hours planning and designing the wedding from top to bottom. You are about to exchange vows and promise forever with the man of your dreams. You are the bell of the ball, all dressed in white, flawless make up and hair, the perfect jewelry, a handsome groom, the cutest little flower girl and ring bearer, and grandpa looks so sweet dancing with grandma on the dancefloor. It is the perfect day. Do you have this image in your head? Are you excited? Does it make you a little nervous and teary eyed? It should! I love this part!

 Now…..if you could only rewind this day and do it again and again, and share it with your friends and family that couldn’t make it, or watch it after your first big fight, or show your kids, and one day your grandkids…. If you could only just hear those words you spoke ever so softly to your groom telling him you will always love him, and never forsake him. If you could hear your dad during the toast get choked up telling the story of his little girl, his princess, his everything… growing up to become the most incredible person. If you could just turn back time and be a fly on the wall watching your crazy cousin do the worm on the dance floor; you missed that part because you were visiting with your great aunt who insisted on pulling you aside to take a photo with her! If you could only see your favorite grandpa one more time in a video. Or maybe a couple of days after the wedding everyone is talking about your sister who decided to get crazy on the dance floor and showed off moves no one was expecting, but you missed it because you ran to the bar, or had obligatory photos to take with guests on the porch…it will happen! Your wedding only happens once! But nothing can preserve the memory quite like a video can. It is a live action documentary of one of the most important cherished days of your life. Even if you think you will never forget your day, and you remember it vividly, there are some things you will not be able to experience or see with out a video to tell your story. Most brides describe their wedding as a blur! It goes by super fast, and spending thousands of dollars doesn’t sound worth it, if you aren’t going to be able remember it well!

“The biggest problem I see, is that brides are so hung up in the details

while planning a wedding, that it is almost impossible for them to think

of anything but the details. Video is not about the details as much as

it is about capturing a moment in time with the people closest to you,

and if done right, creating a tribute to why you are together 10-30 years

down the line when it becomes hard to remember why. People are the fabric of our

lives, photos can capture their likeness but video captures their heart and soul.

Like I say, its personal for me.”

Mark Thomas with Mark Thomas Pro Photo and Video.

Really,… who doesn’t want to be the star in their own movie?! Professional videographers have been trained to get the results you are looking for. They invested in high quality equipment to give you only the best outcome. The point is, I would give anything at all— to have a wedding video, and I would bet most brides who didn’t get video would say the same thing. Choosing the right video is of upmost importance and should not be a “oh we’ll add it if we have anything left over type thing”. For real, you are telling your story. Advances in camera technology have made it possible to capture weddings like never before. What videographers are able to do with digital editing makes a wedding video much more like a professional film.

Take a second and click on the highlighted blue links above…watch a few of these videos from Mark Thomas and tell me you don’t get the warm and fuzzies! Invest in video. Don’t let your story go untold.


Kristin Voss

To: The Bride to be From: The Bride to be

You deserve the gift of a wedding planner. Your family deserves a gift of a wedding planner. And your friends deserve a gift of a wedding planner.

So you think you can do it on your own?! But why in the world would you do that to yourself!  Weddings are an investment. It is a one time, once in a lifetime magical event for two people to celebrate their union. Why would you put months (maybe years) into planning your dream wedding, and then not hire a professional planner to manage the day that you worked so hard to make perfect! I could go on and on  why to hire a planner- I have done it before, and you have probably heard me rant on this a million times! I am serious as serious can be. Hire a professional planner! We have a fabulous list of professional planners on our website. We did our homework on each planner, so we know each one VERY WELL. We know how they work, when they work, and who they work with.  Each one has different packages, and different options for you to pick that will fit in your budget. Give it a shot, give yourself a gift, you did all the dreaming, and choosing colors, and picking bridesmaids, let the professionals make your dream a reality. Seamless, painless, flawless, on point- with a professional wedding planner. Best money you can spend, and in some cases,  you can justify the cost of a wedding planner by the buckets of money you will save with their vendor to vendor deals! They know the answers to most everything, they know all the secrets, they know all the rules, they know the tricks of the trade.

Check these out!

Sweet August Events – Katherine Lopez     

Haute Weddings – Lisa Morales

Diamonds & Dreams – Tina Humphrey

Weddings By Diana Boucher – Diana Boucher

Timeless Beginnings – Audrey Eichelberger

Hill Country Planning- Brenda Seally

All in the Details Events- Melissa Gaines

Wedding & Event Designs by Pamela

I know these ladies very well, and know their character and work ethics. Top notch. Give yourself a gift! It is your wedding!


Kristin Voss


Keg Beer vs. Bottle/Can Beer

Hello Gorgeous brides and grooms!

Below is a short break down of keg beer versus cans/bottles. Bartenders4U shows us the difference, and how you can save yourself a headache and a disaster at the bar!

“So let me Break this Down for you! (1) Keg of Bud Light cost $105.21 at Mireles Party Kegs sounds cheap enough right? But wait!  You need to buy 150 cups which will run about 16.99.  Oh and don’t forget the ice you need to keep this 16 gallon tin can cold for the next 6 hours of your reception. More if your bar is outside!  Count on using about 100 pounds of ice for each keg. This is roughly going  to cost you another $50.00 if your lucky!  So now, we are up to $172.20….ouch…

7 Cases of Beer (24 packs) is equal to one keg… ONLY  if you get every single drop of beer out of your keg. But we all know from our college days,  FOAM = BEER, we do not serve foam….we dump it out.  SO you just lost valuable beer 🙁 Sad face!

 7 Cases of  Bud Light at HEB will cost you $132.79. WAIT? WHAT?!  YES!  Bartenders4U will ice it down in clean beautiful bins, no cups needed, AND we will dry off and pack up the leftovers for you in a nice little box. Lucky for you, if you drive a smart car, we can fit bottles or cans in your car… but a KEG, not so much…hope some one has a truck that has stuck around to the end of the reception to take it all the way back to the rental place!

The worst part about a keg…. hot foamy beer, slowing down your lines only to serve hot foamy beer because they have been sitting out side in 98 degree weather for 6 hours because you thought it was going to be more cost effective! Bummer! What happens if the pump you rented from the keg store breaks..(it happens all. the. time.) uh oh. No Bueno, and at that point, no beer = no happy guests. Lastly, the keg store will not buy back any left over beer from a keg. But guess what, they will buy back bottles or cans that are not used! Score! Money back from a wedding?!  I’ll take it! ”

Consider this, speak with the friendly owners at Bartenders4U, Charlie and Jennifer Smith. They will help you make the best decisions for your bar, to keep your costs most effective, and help you get exactly what you need for the big day! By the way, when you head over there for your free consultation, try the margaritas… I especially like the coconut flavor and habenaro lime….YUM! Did you know you can have a signature drink like margaritas and color them based on your wedding theme? It is a great convo starter for your guests, and makes it that much more custom!


Kristin Voss , thanks to Jennifer Smith of Bartenders4U

2016 Traditions, Trends and Tragedies!

Here at Kendall Plantation, we don’t do too much dabbling in the design aspect of a brides wedding. But we do pay attention, and oooh and awwe at each special detail including the invitations!   We have seen mason jar after mason jar, and purple after purple after purple, donut trees, head pieces, and trends galore. But, one thing that remains the same; Tradition. Traditions such as a real wedding cake, and a real cake topper. A father daughter dance, champagne toast, something blue, borrowed, and  something new. I see 2016 as the year of the bride who brings back more traditional wedding elements such as the ones listed above. Traditions are traditions, and  mom’s and grandmothers LOVE tradition! There is nothing more a mom wants to see than her little girl follow in her footsteps on wedding day. I would bet that more brides use more of what their mom and grandmother gave them to incorporate into her wedding. Super cool! We especially love when brides choose a date based on their parents and grandparents anniversary. Ultimate honor!

Here are a few things we think 2016 will show more of in the wedding world!

1. Grandma’s as flower girls- long are the days of begging a 4 year old to walk down the aisle,,,,use grandma’s to be the flower girl. Genius!

2. Neutral Elegance- Organic and clean floral. Elegance, not sensory overload.  I see more brides building their personality into each centerpiece rather than robbing Pinterest blind and making it super perfect. Blush, Gold, sequins, champagnes, colors that are pouring out  elegant, classy, and a little sexy.  I don’t see gold going anywhere this year, but I see it with more pops and bold colors to back it up. I have not seen a color yet that doesn’t match with true gold, or blush gold. Gold is every colors best friend. It just works.

3. Gone are the days of a “barn” wedding. Trend reports (and our calendar!) show that brides are looking for more elegant affairs. Thanks to big time celebrities throwing all out glamorous weddings, and new lines of fabulous linens and gowns, brides are steering towards elegance. Let us not forget we are in Texas, and the best part of Texas at that! So we expect to see cowboy boots, antler sheds, and “Texas glam”. Bring on the sequins, neutrals, and elegant venues. 2016 will be sure to glam it up!

12239679_1075898792422250_5773070281645864810_n    12105749_1060898663922263_9218650640686034223_n

  12109107_1057936987551764_2578671889501617502_n      12509201_1100018250010304_4898760259753753645_n

(Flowers by Blume Haus)

12115515_1057936980885098_1659842193401896092_n    11891985_1033302523348544_6790943839123883695_n