2nd Floor Pour

Happy Tuesday!

No time was wasted this morning pouring the second story of the Plantation! Concrete trucks rolled in about 5:30am ready to pour. I thought 300 yards of concrete for the slab was incredible and nothing could top the amount of work and concrete we used to get it done. WRONG! Pouring concrete on a 2nd floor was a site to see! I visited this morning to watch and was completely blown away by the skill involved to do this. As I toured the 2nd floor on a scissor lift 30 something feet in the air, it was like a dream come true. The view from the 2nd floor is like nothing I have ever seen. The Plantation is truly set apart from other venues, and I can not wait for all of you to see what I have seen! Once the concrete is set (around 4:00pm) I will take photos of this amazing view! The back porch and wall will be framed in by this afternoon, the kitchen and guest restrooms are framed and ready for siding!