Drop it like it’s HAUTE. *GUEST BLOG*


As you already know…or if you do not know…Kendall Plantation is a BIG , HUGE, GIANT, XL… supporter of hiring a wedding {professional}  planner. A wedding is a big day for you and your families. Why not place it in the hands of professionals who can help guide you through the planning process, streamlining tasks, keeping you on budget and recommending professional vendors without the added stress?!? Haute weddings is the first guest blogger, … and funny enough, Lisa coordinated the FIRST ever wedding at Kendall Plantation 6 years ago. She’s been a shining star ever since, and we are not letting her go.

What is one piece of advise you’d give to brides planning a wedding at Kendall Plantation?
Of course, my first piece of advice is to hire a planner! lol. Weddings at the Kendall Plantation are absolutely gorgeous. It is truly one of my favorite venues to work at. It is a large property and so this means you may have a large guest list. Hiring a planner can ensure there aren’t any gaps in the flow of the event. Planners will be able to guide guests as to where they need to be so they can relax and enjoy all you’ve put together. For example, Haute Wedding coordinators would act as your hostesses greeting guests as they arrive on property, asking them to sign in, taking their gift and guiding them down to the ceremony area. After the ceremony, the coordinators would then direct the wedding party to take formal portraits, while also directing guests to cocktail area, then letting them know when it’s time to take their seats, etc…We do not want your guests wondering…”Where do we go? What do we do? What’s next?” They can simply just enjoy your day.

My favorite part of Kendall Plantation is…?
Oh my, there’s honestly are so many things I love about Kendall Plantation. I would have to say my most favorite is the natural lighting. I know that may be odd, but I love bright and airy rooms with lots of windows and natural light. I love how the light changes the ambiance throughout the day and you truly have different aspects of the day within your wedding vs. a hotel ballroom in which we have to get really creative and design different ambiances.

What’s one thing you wish more brides knew?
That hiring true professionals is definitely worth every dollar. I understand weddings are big business and you need to stay within a budget, but cutting costs by finding the least expensive vendor is not the best value. Hiring a wedding planner for Full-Service is the best money you will ever spend on your wedding. We hear it over and over again from our couples whom we’ve helped. We are involved in the process from the very beginning recommending professional services, helping you stay within budget, dealing with all the logistics so you don’t have to. You will spend the same amount of money you originally budgeted, but you will get all the assistance needed throughout the entire process.

What is your favorite part of wedding planning?
Oooh, that’s another hard one to answer as there are so many aspects that I love. In regards to logistics, I work best under pressure and love having all my ducks in order and love seeing it all come to fruition for the couple. In regards to sentiments, my favorite part is the wedding ceremony. After 300 weddings, I still cry during every ceremony.

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